Do You Have Similar Tinnitus Symptoms?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sonnie, Feb 8, 2013.

    1. Sonnie

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      Hi I want to describe my symptoms and want to know if someone can relate to them.

      # High-pitch low volume inner ear buzz
      # The buzz started 6th of January 2013 after a powerful firework bomb explosion.
      # The volume is not loud but I can hear it clearly in my workspace which is an open workspace full of programmers and in complete silence like at night I can hear the buzz very clearly. If my TV is turned on with volume at medium I can't hear the buzz.
      # I can put my finger in my ear near the ear hole and reduce the volume greatly, but if I cover the ear hole completely I can hear the buzz very clearly. This blocks out the ear wax effect, but is very different to what I hear from other tinnitus suffers.
      # When I gasp the sound goes wild, like a note that is all over the place
      # I have not noticed any volume change of the buzz since beginning, unless by gasping and putting pressure with my finger to the ear.
      # At night I use a small bose ear cap from my headphones to reduce the tinnitus volume, it does not block the ear hole and puts pressure to the ear.

      If someone has these symptoms or knows about someone having similar symptoms I'd really like to hear their story :)
      Also it would be nice to know if you don't have any relief of tinnitus volume by putting pressure to your ear.

      Best regards
    2. Emma

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      Over the last year the volume has increased for me. This is because I was re-exposed to loud noise. I hope your volume never increases. Please be very careful not to expose yourself to loud sounds. I am so sorry about this incident that happened to you.
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      It's interesting that you are able to reduce the sound of your tinnitus by putting your finger over your ear hole. That doesn't work for me, and I've tried it many times. I, too, have a constant, high-pitched ringing. It is very steady, and the sound never waivers.

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