Do You Only Hear Your "Head Noise" When You Look for or Listen to It?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dishman, Sep 27, 2013.

    1. Dishman

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      Does anybody else feel as if they are only hearing the "head noise" when they are looking or listening for it? Plugging ears, quiet spots, and just lurking around your brain for that sound, etc..?
    2. TJPositive

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      Mine in most noticeable in my left ear, though sometimes I feel it's coming from the left side of my head too. Perhaps yours is coming from both your ears at equal levels and therefore sounds like it's solely your head?

      I suggest that because a little over a month ago my right ear spiked and noise started to become really noticeable in that ear, since it's usually only my left. This happens sometimes but usually after 5-10 seconds it returns back to normal where I can't hear anything at all in that ear. However, this time the noise lasted for a couple of days. I noticed the first time I woke up to the noise knowing it was coming from both ears, it felt it was entirely my head

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