Do You Take Any Antidepressants, Mood Stabilizers, Tranquilizers, or Anti-Psychotic Meds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Apr 29, 2016.

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      Right now I am taking Lamictal, Klonopin (hope to get off that), just started Trileptal last night (not sure if that will hurt or help yet). In the RARE case that tinnitus got me stressed to the point of nausea I have Zofran. I do have to say I had mood swings before T and tended to focus on thoughts that bothered me. The negative thoughts would keep running through my mind and keep me down more often than not until I got a reprieve from them and then repeat the cycle. Right now I am doing a lot better and hope I keep going this way. It sucks I have to take these medications (and hearing aids) to function better but at the same time I am glad to at least have some help. There have been supplements that have helped me before with emotions but right now I kind of backed off of them for now (long story). What about you all if you care to share? If you don't I understand.
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      Nope, I decided all that stuff was probably going to cause worse problems than tinnitus.

      Sometimes I experiment with very mild herbal things of one kind or another (occasional Valerian tea, mostly because it can provoke pretty awesome dreams; on and off St. John's Wort during depressing weather). Other than that I stick to the occasional beer or spliff, and that's about it for mind-alterers...
      Having tinnitus on top of these existing problems, is just going to give you a constant aggravating focal point for your existing obsessive worry. You have to find a way to stop thinking like that, or you're just going to be miserable.

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