Do You Wear Wireless Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Inside Earmuffs?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Baker, Feb 25, 2023.

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      Unknown for 10 years, but later bad from loud fireworks.
      I've done research and have determined that 3M Peltor X5A are probably the best earmuffs to get. I wanted name brand, high dB rating, and soft muffs. I haven't ordered them yet.

      I right now put wired earbuds under my earmuffs when e.g., mowing the yard to listen to YouTube or whatever. The stem does cause discomfort and I think breaks the seal a little as the cushion is stiff plastic. But I have thought of getting wireless noise-cancelling earbuds that are compact and will fit inside the earmuff, plus have the benefit of having noise-cancelling to further reduce noise going to the inside of the ear.

      Anyone use noise-cancelling wireless earbuds that fit inside the earmuff, i.e. no stem? Recommendations?

      I did just order the Beats Fit Pro, which looks like they'll fit inside an earmuff. I wonder what other products would fit inside the earmuff? I also looked at Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 earbuds as from reviews it seems like they have better sound and better noise-cancelling than the Beats Fit Pro.

      So I had been looking at earbuds that look like they fit inside an earmuff and also won't easily fall out, because if they were to fall out into an engine bay or puddle of oil or something, then they'd be ruined and I couldn't afford to just replace them whenever.

      Just checking on what others are using. Thanks.
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      Loud noise, presumably!
      Many people on this forum will completely avoid using earbuds and headphones. I certainly suspect the worsening of my tinnitus can be in part put down to their use, even at what we perceive to be safe levels. Please be careful using these devices. Bear in mind, the volume of your YouTube video will have to increase to overcome the background noise of the mower (even if reduced by ear defenders).

      For anything like driving, lawn-mowing etc. I would be using foam earplugs underneath ear defenders (I use the 3M Peltor that claim 33 dB attenuation). Some people do not like earplugs either, as the removal of them can cause sudden suction issues.

      If I for whatever reason felt compelled to use earbuds now, I would probably want ones without white-noise.

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