Does Constant Tinnitus Reduce the Potential Causes?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cesar, Apr 16, 2015.

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      I constantly hear a high pitched noise apparently in the "middle " of my head since about a week now, when I cover both ears with my hands and touch on my neck doing the skull-thumping trick as seen here the noise stops but I start hearing a sound like a whistle on my right ear for a while until the initial noise returns but when I do neck stretches or thing like that the noise remains constant, other than that I have impacted wisdom teeth and i'm waiting to get a spot to remove them..

      I'm gonna get checked by a ear doctor but until then the fact that is continuous for more than a week rules out some possible symptoms ?
    2. Stink

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      not far as i know. continuous tinnitus can be a result of many things (noise, drugs, trauma, infections and more)
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      buzzing shaver/laptop fan whine/pellet gun/music/caff/wax/ eardrum red
      I have wisdom tooth too, does wisdom have anything to do with T?
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      Idiopathic + Sudden hearing loss
      A search for "wisdom" in the forum search window will bring up many previous conversations.

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