Does TMJ Make Hyperacusis Worse?

Discussion in 'Support' started by DDD, Sep 29, 2016.

    1. DDD

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      noice induced/acoustic trauma
      Ever since my tmj got bad I feel like my Hyperacusis also got worse. I also think its making my TTTS worse too because every time I swallow it spasms. Part of me once to believe that's why my H is worse, and the other part says its just coincidence. Any experiences those with tmj and H?
      I really hate H more than I hate my severe Tinnitus.
    2. Mithrandir

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      Acoustic Shock Disorder (TTTS)
      TMJ is one of the numerous cause of H.
    3. Daisymay

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      May 2017
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      Started after going to a loud concert
      @DDD I also feel that my hyperacusis became worse due to my TMJ. It wasn't so severe in the beginning, but it has definitely gotten worse...I believe due to my TMJ. My stress and anxiety levels were so bad and I think that is what contributed to my H getting worse. Getting my TMJ splint next week and hoping for improvement! I hope you see improvement as well and wish you the best! :)

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