Does Water Exposure to Ears Exacerbate the Tinnitus...? And Do You Use Earplugs in the Shower etc?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bobbie7, Feb 22, 2016.

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      I am wondering whether water exposure to my ears would worsen my T. In the past I had washed my hair in the shower and gotten my ears wet and now am hesitant to do so. I now wash my hair in the large kitchen sink I have but still, it is impossible not to get some water in. It seems these days (many months actually) I am second-guessing everything I do... wondering what might make the T worse.

      Do most here have any issues with water and do you place ear plugs in your ears when taking a shower and washing your hair, whether in the shower or in the sink? By the way, recently I softened my ear plugs and placed them in.. they were not in correctly.. so I redid it and afterward my ears hurt! I didn't place them in too far but it seems everything I do creates some degree of sensitivity. It seems every appliance is also an enemy --- my noisy refrigerator, my new photo scanner, a simple timer, the microwave signaling when time is up, the passing ambulance and fire engine... these latter two I hear from the ground floor. I cannot say I have full-blown H but I have always been somewhat sensitive to noise.

      Wishing all a peaceful day, if possible.

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      Ear drum protects you from water. Water in the ear isn't harmful. I don't use earplugs in shower or when swimming.

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