Does Your Static Tinnitus Sound Ever Disappear?

Discussion in 'Support' started by smapti, Aug 14, 2020.

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      I'm just a little bit concerned that mine might be permanent now - for a long time in the past, it seems to have disappeared for a long time. But recently, it seems to be prevalent almost every day. Sometimes stable - sometimes oscillating.

      Question: Does your static tinnitus sound ever disappear into the background for long periods of time, and then come back as a "spike" of sorts for long periods of time? If it did, did it eventually go away again, or has it stayed with you forever?

      I'm just wondering if I have a new sound that I have to try to accept and habituate to. I'm really hoping that is not the case.

      Thanks for your help! Postings instead of lurks are really appreciated!
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