Drafting a Survey: What Would You Like to Know About Tinnitus Awareness and Fundraising?

Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by Markku, Oct 12, 2018.

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      Some people just don't give, period. My parents were like that. They would give a donation at church, but that was it. Eventually, they stopped going to church and giving.

      I know your survey is about giving to tinnitus, but you might want to ask about giving in general -

      How often do you give to other charities, churches or causes?
      (or something like that) to identify those who, no matter what you say to convince them, will never give.
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      Yep. We are already asking if one has ever donated to any cause, and if so, which cause (with answer options for cancer, animals, other, etc.)
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      I would like to say that I find the very idea of surveys regarding personal details and attitudes to fundraising to be offensive and actually counter productive.

      What I give?
      To whom I give?
      How much I give?
      How frequently I give?

      - is entirely my own affair.

      I am sorry - I find the whole thing distasteful.

      However, I will continue to give as I have always done, and my giving and my attitude to giving will remain confidential.
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      Of course it's entirely your own affair. We certainly won't force anyone to fill in the survey!

      Filling it in would however give us useful insights into how we can motivate people to more actively donate their money or their time (it's not all about money). Perhaps for some people it's a matter of not having enough information about the various causes out there. Or perhaps some people would like to help raise awareness but don't feel comfortable with public exposure. Or they want to volunteer, but they think they lack the right skills. Such insights will help us to improve and get more people on board!

      FYI, we are not collecting personal information from the survey respondents that would allow us to identify who they are, and we are very diligent about respecting privacy regulations.

      That seems a bit harsh. We're not doing this to annoy people, you know. We're trying to learn and improve. Not liking the concept of a survey is one thing, calling it "distasteful" a bridge too far, imo.

      To everyone: We have been moderating this thread by excluding any comments that do not address the original ask, i.e. proposed questions for the survey, and will continue to do so. However, we let this one slide because it was an opportunity to explain how we will use the results, and how we deal with personal data.
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      Important question that needs sub-questions included.

      From my long time experience with donating to ATA and OHSU Tinnitus Clinic.

      Do you want such organizations to stop sending you additional pleas for donations?
      Do you start throwing this mail in the trash without looking at it?

      Do you want Universities to stop sending you pleas for donations for other causes?
      Does this stop you from donations towards their tinnitus programs?

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