Drinking Cold Water Makes One Tinnitus Tone Louder

Discussion in 'Support' started by JackSparrow, Sep 11, 2021.

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      It seems that recently I've noticed that one specific tinnitus tone which exists in my right ear (low, constantly changing in pitch), gets louder when I drink a cold liquid.

      It doesn't really mater what it is, water, milk, smoothie, etc. That ear also has some Eustachian tube issues occasionally, and I'm going to start using a Neti pot, since I have some serious sinus congestion from daily exposure to allergens (stupid me recently put 2 and 2 together, and realized this may have been contributing to my tinnitus for several years now).

      Anyways, is there any reason why cold liquids make my specific tone louder?
    2. Farida

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      2 months ago
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      Loud noise
      Perhaps some sort of reactivity going on?
    3. Catt

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      Unknown, but multiple causes likely
      Drinking a lot of water before working out makes my tinnitus worse and for some strange reason makes me dizzy & sleepy too. Even if I drink slowly and drink room temp water. It’s so strange. I’ve told all my docs and they only say if you drink too fast you could get nauseous and if you drink too much it can deplete electrolytes. I’ve tried fixing both of those by drinking slow and trying Gatorade and Potassium and other electrolyte replacements, but nothing worked. It’s strange.

      I’ve only noticed this with water, not other drinks. Both bottled water and filtered tap water from my sink.
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      Do you have any digestive issues? Also, drinking water makes my tinnitus worse. I don't know why but I had a stomach surgery a few years ago, just before the onset of my tinnitus so there must be a connection, I wonder which it is.

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