Dumb Tinnitus Question — Restarting the Brain

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jeremy4159, Jul 26, 2015.

    1. Jeremy4159

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      I haven't found anything on the internet about almost completely stopping and restarting the brain for a brief moment when it comes to treating Tinnitus.

      You know when a computer is screwing up and it's sometimes best to just to shut it down and restart it so it functions better?

      I've been thinking, what if I got my brother to put me in a headlock and choke me out and make sure I stay out for at least a minute.

      I wouldn't have Tinnitus while I'm out would I? The blood flow has stopped and almost all brain activity has ceased.

      And when I do come back the Tinnitus couldn't possibly be as loud would it? At least not for a while?

      Don't bother scolding me for this because I'm young and new to Tinnitus and willing to try things that as far as I know, haven't been attempted.

      Just wondering and looking for knowledgeable answers on whether or not I should attempt this. Because as far as I know there's no research on this because it's "so dangerous" even though it's not really.

      If you guys do encourage I go through with this, I'll certainly be quickly writing down the results and sharing.

      I'll be reading the answers for several days or a week before deciding on whether or not it's worth attempting.

      Btw I haven't asked my 20 year old brother to do this to me yet, he'll most likely say no.

      Anyway, your thoughts on this?

      Should I give my overactive brain a reboot or not?
    2. Crake

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      The human brain is not a computer, it cannot turn off ever. If your brain turns off, you're dead permanently. Choke holds just knock you out like when you're asleep, except they risk killing you or causing permanent brain damage, which could cause additional tinnitus or make it worse.

      Tinnitus is not just a "software" issue, it's an issue with brain hardware. If it were just a temporary brain state, it would not last for days, weeks, or months, or years.

      Don't try this, you could die, and it will not help your tinnitus at all.
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    3. AUTHOR

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      Lol I never said completely turning it off, I already understand you can't.
    4. Quentino

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      Decrease of Hearing i presume.
      You don't seem to understand what you say. You're talking about a life threatening method, not a possible cure.

      That's called brain death. And T is a phantom perception probably caused by overexcited neurons so you will not hear it as you will be unconscious, but it does not mean it has disappeared.

      Oh, and choking/suffocating does stop blood circulation but that mean you're dead.

      No reason it would decrease T. But it t can worsen it by putting your body in danger.
      Like Crake said brain is not a computer. We can't "reboot" it. Because brain is compoxed of alive cells, it does not respond to informatic laws.

      You have a false representation of how it will works, but what is f....... scary is that you don't understand how dangerous is the thing you're talking about, even if you've said you are young

      By the way what caused your T if you knos? it would be interesting to discuss about this.

      So DON'T play with you life.
    5. Cheza

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      Barking dogs/stress
      What you're contemplating is essentially the same thing as a chokehold, an extremely dangerous maneuver. It is illegal for police to use a chokehold for the precise reason that it can absolutely kill you. With such an experiment, you're taking a chance that you would suffer brain damage or death, and if you die your brother would be charged with negligent homicide. If anything, I suspect your experiment would make your tinnitus worse.

      As far as I know, no tinnitus sufferer who has ever died on the operating table and been resuscitated has ever had their tinnitus go away. So, unfortunately, your theory has no real life basis to support taking such a drastic risk. Please don't try it.
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    6. Mad maggot

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      What they said :facepalm:
    7. pef

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      I'll be blunt. This is without question one of the dumbest and most irresponsible ideas I have ever heard of on this forum or any other forum.

      And I don't care if you are young. Learn from my post. You are not a doctor, you are not a neurologist, you are a person with a stupid idea and you should know better than to be put in a chokehold until you are unconscious.

      You could die and your brother, if stupid enough to do this, would go to prison. Or you could wake up with massive brain damage and your parents and brother might spend the rest of their lives caring for you, including changing your bedpan and cleaning your private areas. Does that seem like a nice outcome?

      Instead of trying to shut off the brain in your head, try using it.
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    8. RicoS

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      Stress or Acoustic trauma
      To help you out of your dream... I'm an MMA and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) teacher and in competition and training there sometimes were people choked out who do not tap. When this happens the person who applies the choke knows when to let go.
      True story told... a friend of mine who also has T and trains with me was choked out during competion and his T was still there.
      If you do the chokehold and you do not know when to let go you can cause braindamage. Also if you are choked out you ALWAYS loose some braincells...... that's why in my gym I will not allow it to choke someone out.

      It is a very stupid idea that you should forget.....NOW!!!
    9. Nucleo

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      This only has the potential for more damage.
    10. Richard zurowski

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      Ear infection.
      MADNESS.... What ever next?

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