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Discussion in 'Support' started by Kopesy, Dec 21, 2014.

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      I'll never know
      This has probably been asked many times before but since having T I've noticed my hearing become worse & worse. I've recently had another hearing test via my ENT & the results to my shock revealed that my hearing is exactly the same to how it was almost a year back, a few months after getting T.

      My question is this, can giving my hearing & T too much attention cause it to give me a sort of 'phantom' hearing loss? My ENT says that my focusing on it can cause my brain to react this way as there was nothing apparently wrong with the ear itself. My right ear feels really tired & full all the time to the point where it's not the T giving me as much of the problems anymore! (I never thought I'd say that)

      I'm frustrated & really worried that it's going to get worse & worse. I feel helpless :(
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      Meniere´s Disease/acoustic trauma?
      Probably that phantom loss, yes. Feeling stressed? Thinking everything "with you ears first", like i have been doing a lot. Mind can sure make funny tricks sometimes.
      i started thinking about negative of auditory hallucinations.... is there a word for it, hmm. When you feel you cant hear a thing and there´s nothing wrong with the hearing.
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      I dont understand how they could measure hearing, especially on those with loud tinnitus. They say people usually have hearing loss on the frequencies of the tinnitus. Well, duhh. Not very suprising How are you supoused to hear the little beep when the tinnitus is screaming 10 times louder at the same frequency?
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      noise damage, machinery

      LOL Great discription!! there should be if there isn't!!

      The brain can do many things when deprived of a sensory input!!

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