Ear Infection + Eardrum Perforated and... Tinnitus!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by cameovan, Aug 19, 2015.

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      Hi, I'm new here, don't know how the forum works, I'm here because I have been living with hearing loss in one ear (right ear) and Tinnitus on the left ear.

      But after this weekend, I am a bit worried because I got a virus, and turned into an ear infection that made my left ear infected and a perforation in the eardrum. This is the second time I get a perforated eardrum, my first time I was very young, and it happened in my right ear (which resulted a severe hearing loss).
      To make it shorter, the good ear, -meaning the left ear -, is now in trouble, I went to the ENT on Monday, prescribed me Amoxicillin, and nothing more, I can feel my ears clearing up, yesterday it was almost perfect I was beginning to hear something better than before, and then suddenly after I started taking again the flu medicines and antibiotics, I felt an enormous pressure in my head, and ringing in the ears, I went to sleep and today I woke up with a ringing in the ear, I can hardly hear, I am so disappointed I don't know what happened!. The ringing in the ear is almost unbearable 8/10.
      As a person that have lived with Tinnitus for so long and hearing loss this new thing is getting me anxious, and I feel that where I live the doctors are a joke, compared to the other treatments I received while I was back home.

      One more thing, I am traveling in September, I don't know what to do.

      Hope everyone is ok and sorry for the long post.

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      @cameovan I am wondering how you are going? I have sinusitis and perforated eardrum and my usually mild tinnitus is crazy loud now in that ear. Wondering if T has settled down for you?

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