Ear Infection Tinnitus... Do I Need to See an Audiologist Before ENT? No Insurance.

Discussion in 'Support' started by hlasd, Jul 28, 2016.

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      ear infection?
      I had an ear infection to the point where my ear started ringing June 23rd, I went through a Z pack and steadily started feeling better. The ringing never stopped though. The cough lingered as well and I ended up getting a sore throat and head cold again a few days ago.

      I was preparing to fly home from being out of town so I figured I'd wait till I was home, otherwise I would have seen a doc then.

      I just called and they said that I should see an audiologist before the regular ENT doc... as he would most likely refer me to one anyway. I'm paying out of pocket so I was wondering if you guys could tell me for sure if seeing the audiologist is really necessary or not before the ENT?

      Also, should I being doing anything on my own to try and get the ringing to stop? The crackling upon swallowing is still there as well...

      Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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