Ear Muscle Reacting (Causing a Crackling Noise) to Specific Sounds? Anyone Else?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Thuan, Aug 27, 2020.

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      Ear infection right ear 2018. Sound trauma left ear 2020.
      Recently, my good ear is acting up. A few days ago I noticed certain sounds would make me a crackling noise afterwards. This cracking noise sounds like when you open your jaw and your eustachian tube opens.

      Certain sounds, like clicking on the light switch, pen dropping on the desk, microwave door shutting, and etc would make my ear muscle contract and then I have a cracking noise at the same time. Strange thing is that it doesn't react to any sounds, just specific sounds. Normal speech is fine but the sounds described above is making it reactive. I'm guessing this is the tensor tympani muscle reacting to sounds.

      Has anyone experienced this? Did it go away for you?

      I'm going to see the GP soon because this "good" non-tinnitus ear feels hot and ache at the same time.

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