Ear Pain from Inserting Foam Earplug? Custom Musician Earplug No Longer Seem to Fit?

Discussion in 'Support' started by KDMG, Jul 24, 2022.

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      Hi everyone,

      Some of you may have seen my previous posts, but I have pain hyperacusis, loudness hyperacusis, and tinnitus.

      When it comes to foam earplugs, I can put one in all the way into my left ear, but experience pain if I push a foam earplug all the way into my right ear.

      A stranger occurrence is the fact that my custom-molded musician earplug no longer fits my right ear properly. It's like it's not going in all the way as I am experiencing emulsion in the right ear but no issues with the left ear.

      Also, if I move my jaw in a certain way it's like something is catching in my right ear. It's like a rubbing sensation and it does not happen with my left ear. I tend to experience pain hyperacusis in my right ear most of the time.

      Any ideas about what is going on here? Why I cannot insert a foam earplug all the way into my right ear? Why my musician earplug doesn't seem to quite fit? And what is caught from jaw movement?

      I have had several doctors look into my ear using an otoscope but they do not see anything unusual.

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