Ear plugs causes spike

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jay M, Jun 14, 2014.

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      Is it just me or do ear plugs and other hearing protection make your T spike? It takes only a few minutes and then the spike happens. After i take them out it takes about 5-10minutes to calm down. The Noise reduction rating is about -30 so am i using to much?
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    2. Yes, same happens to me. However I also have h and wasn't sure if that for some reason had something to do with it.

      i don't think it happens every time though, or else i don't pay attention. I am also only outside when I wear them so i thought that might be cause. .

      Regardless.for me, protection now hurts my ears and so I can't wear plugs anymore.
    3. jazz
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      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD
      When I wear earplugs, the tinnitus in the one ear will squeal pretty badly afterwards. But I recently bought a pair of earmuffs and did yard work with some noisy equipment for about a half an hour. When I took the muffs off, my tinnitus was the same--which is especially good since I was having a very quiet day. That said, I also tried the muffs with a leaf blower. I even used double protection (earplugs plus earmuffs). My tinnitus spiked very badly. I wonder if the spike was from the double protection and not the leaf blower. It's hard to say since the leaf blower was very loud and high pitched.

      I don't know if earmuffs would work for people with hyperacusis. Though I have a slight case of hyperacusis, my main problem is reactive tinnitus, which also cycles quite a bit.

      Here's the earmuffs I used. They are very lightweight and fold up nicely.

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    4. nogood

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      I tried ear plugs my t is loud.. more like lack of sound causes t to be more noticeable. . As soon as I take them off it goes down.. its same when I wear my full faced helmet. .covering the ears makes my t loud.. more like nothing else to hear other than t..you can experiment with cotton like how tight you roll them, it can muffle loud sound but not completely block out the noise. .
      Short term usage should not cause any permanent damage. .
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      Summer of 1990
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      Noise exposure?
      Never had problems with foam ear plugs. When I fly I wear them. What I perceive noisy environment I wear them.
    6. demi
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      Perception of T is always going to be heightened when earplugs are worn, and then it just seems to get louder. Even before my spike when my T was barely audible - when I would occasionally wear earplugs my T would sound so loud while I had them in and for like a half hour after.

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