Ear Reacts to Fans with a Whooshing Sound and to Water with Crickets... Anyone Else Hear Either?

Discussion in 'Support' started by jlish, Sep 29, 2019.

    1. jlish

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      26 years of loud noise

      I have had this tinnitus/hyperacusis/reactive tinnitus (whatever it is called) for two months now, most likely due to concerts/festivals in the same week. It has gotten better and worse at different points, and I am slowly learning how to manage. (Yes, I've been to doctors/audiologists and have an apt with an ENT.)

      The ringing can often be fairly quiet when I am calm and in a quiet room. But if I am around normal noise and plug my ears, I hear them both ringing away.

      The part that drives me crazy - fans send this swishing/wooshing sound in one ear, and loud water has this cricket/chirping sound to it.

      I am trying to stimulate this ear at night with pink noise, and that feels like it helps.

      Has anyone else experienced either of these noises? Did it go away? Any advice?

      Thanks for your time.
    2. Bill Bauer
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Sounds like TTTS (Tonic tensor tympani syndrome). Normally it goes away after about 6-12 months.
    3. Phat Tuna

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      I have this now for about 2 months. How is yours doing?
    4. RonnieThailand

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      Acoustic Trauma/Microsuction/Irrigation
      This is exactly what I have. It's always there but noises set it off worse and I can't turn my fan on because then it really gets pulsatile like tons of crickets in my head ebbing and waning. 1 month in so far and it's horrendous. Hoping the reactivity part at least calms down over time and have seem some success stories with that but many more daunting stories where its still there years later.

      I tried pink noise at very low volume and it hurt my ear. My ear still aches a month after exposure to a loud sound, and my jaw is very tight and painful on many days. I saw a dentist and ordered a night guard to see if this helps alleviate some of it. I know mine was not caused by TMJ, but the stress of the tinnitus after the noise exposure/ear cleaning has led to me clenching my teeth a lot, at least when I sleep. The tightness started after the sound though, but has gotten much worse probably from clenching on top of all that, so I think it's a combo of many things and I suffered an acoustic shock.

      My acoustic shock was to one ear, just pain in ear after that, then I had an ear cleaning (major regret) 4 days later and that's when my tinnitus started (they wouldn't give hearing test, steroids, or check eardrum until I agreed to remove wax). In the bad ear, but then in both ears/head shortly after. When things are really calm and there's not fan on, no noise, it sometimes switches from the crickets in both ears into faint ringing in my bad ear only. It drops from an 8/10 with the fan on to a 1/10 sometimes, but this doesn't always work, possibly because of birds or other things outside (even with window closed).
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      Something that cannot be identified by 21st century tech
      One dude said he had whistling sound to fans, water etc for two months without change. Then it slowly started to fade, but not linearly, but more like one week it was decreasing, next week it increased, then again decreased, and then finally faded to non-existence after few weeks.
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