Earache During a Cold — Tinnitus Originally Caused by a HGV (Truck) Accident

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by 0iain0, Oct 12, 2022.

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      Hiya everyone, thank you for letting me join your site.

      My tinnitus started in 2019 after I, suddenly and with no warning, blacked out whilst driving a HGV (truck) one night at work. Whilst I was unconscious, the truck went up a grass embankment and rolled over onto the driver's side, which made the mirror smash through the window and hit me on the side of the head I now suffer a constant ring with.

      I have had all the tests and MRIs which have shown nothing and the doctors have just kind of given up investigating as there is nothing new they can check, but of course by the time they said that we were in the middle of COVID-19.

      Anyways, fast forward to today. I have come down with a bad cold (not COVID-19 so no need to run) a couple of days ago and I have had on and off earache in my tinnitus ear and it's a type of pain I have never felt before. Currently it's a 4 week wait to see a doctor. I was wondering if anyone has had this? I have never had earache since I was a child and I am 43 years young now.

      Other than that, I am living with my tinnitus quite well.
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      First off, sorry you went through that accident and good to know you're dealing well with the tinnitus. If you have a cold, there could be a number of things going on. (I'm not a doctor of medicine, I'm an Ed.D. but that's a different story.) You might have an ear infection and/or a blocked Eustachian tube. One month is way too long to wait for an appointment. Find a way to cut through the red tape if you can. You might need antibiotics or antibiotic ear drops.

      If you hold your nostrils closed and blow through your noise does the air flow through the Eustachian tubes feel the same for both ears? If the ear feels blocked, try simmering some water with eucalyptus leaves. Then turn off the stove and with a towel over your head, try breathing in the vapors. Just make sure to keep a bit of distance so it's not too too hot. Likewise, a cold tablet that drys up the mucus some may help.

      BUT, when I've had a bacterial or fungal ear infection I've gotten ear drops prescribed that cleared things up.

      As I said, I'm NOT a medical doctor, but I would attempt to get a doctor's appointment ASAP. Call an ENT directly if you're waiting for your GP. Tell them the ear is super painful. Good luck!
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      stress/adrenalin + forgetting to breathe enough when online
      Welcome here with getting help with a difficult issue... I nearly fainted a decade ago going over a motorway bridge - I had panic attacks for years after - I'm 70 now so no need for motorways, and panic attacks are totally gone since my research into the power of the mind...

      So to tinnitus - I had 3 difficult days with 'my tinnitus' with all the rushing around and messaging, until yesterday - I cured myself of hyperacusis several years ago after being muffed and plugged up, 'turning fans off' etc, it is all on my profile.

      But my tinnitus was having a go for a few days - and I reminded myself something I learned several years ago 'be kind to Ed' - so yesterday morning I started the day with good thoughts of past or present 'high vibes' and reminded myself to go easy, online 'time off' - and to breathe when messaging, we forget to when stressing with messaging - and then I had a much better day yesterday.

      Then last night I was reading, and my wife was watching a soap, and a woman was on there shouting her head at her husband - and the negative energy from her voice, I woke up in the early hours and my tinnitus is having a go again, it'll go down with some kindness to head again, lol.

      Avoid listening to arguments before bed - I hope this helps...

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