EarPlugs and Perceived Voice Volume

Discussion in 'Support' started by sigep0519, Nov 15, 2014.

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      Hi all, I have not really used earplugs in the past before my T & H (8/2014), and probably should have, but I will need them soon for an event. I've bought several kinds such as foam, silicone, etc. Each time that I insert the plugs, no matter which kind, my voice seems really loud when talking. When I place my ear muffs on, without the plugs, I don't hear the same loudness when I speak. My question is, is this normal? Will the perceived volume of my voice, further my problems? Thanks very much to all-
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      It's normal. For sure.
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      Loud noise
      Although your question sounds sill. I know exactly what you're saying. I ride a motorbike with earplugs in. When i talk with with earplugs in, especially with my crash hemet on, my voice is really loud. I'm no doctor. But i'm sure it doesn't cause any problems. It's just paranoia.
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      Yes its normal, if you really want to hear something interesting. Take a big swig of soda pop, hold it in, close your mouth and listen. LOL I gurrantee it will amuse you too :)

      Oh, don't forget to swallow it LOL

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      When you reduce outside sound by obstructing your ear canal (called air conduction,) you automatically perceive the vibrations of your own voice as louder ( via bone conduction.)

      You are wise to protect your ears during any exposure to loud sounds. Invest in a reliable pair. I personally use the following:


      Bless you,

      Dr Charlie
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      Loud noise
      So is it just a perception or is it really louder ?
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      It's normal.

      I have found that this effect is worse with my heavy duty ear muffs and silicon plugs that completely shut the ear canal off. I find that my custom fit musician ear plugs aren't as bad because they use filters which allow a tiny bit of sound in and out of the ear that reduces the occlusion effect.

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