Ears Feel Full/Muffled After Noise Exposure Incident and Playing Piano

Discussion in 'Support' started by Emele, Jan 6, 2021.

    1. Emele

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      Infection, noise exposure

      I've had tinnitus for a hot minute now. It's been very good recently so I stupidly forgot about my earlier problems. I had a little noise exposure incident a few days ago and played piano too loud. After that I had a bit muffled hearing in my left ear which lasted for a day or so. There's also increased tinnitus and a new tone. I've then been stressing a lot again and my ears feel "a bit off" alternately.

      My audiogram looks same as before the incident all the way from 125 Hz-16 kHz.

      Has anybody else had similar experiences and did it all subside? Thanks!
    2. Dirtworks

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      Possibly loud power tools
      I recently had a bad tinnitus spike in both ears along with a pressure type headache. The headache was just mild and it and the spike subsided after a month. Tinnitus still louder than baseline after 4-5 months and still getting a full muffled sensation in both ears. I didn’t ever recall that sensation before the spike.

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