Ears Ringing for 7 Days, I Don't Know Why!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Daniel726373, Oct 1, 2016.

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      So last Saturday when I went to bed I noticed a ringing in my ears I thought it would stop but now it's been 7 days! I haven't been around anything to loud or stuff like that no drinking. My doctor thinks I have Sinuses but I think they stopped. I don't know why my ears would be ringing like they are! Will this stop?
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      Punishment for being so darn good looking!

      Sorry to hear about the ringing in your ears. Sure can be frightening when you first get it. I would love to tell you if it will go away or not, but no one really can. Many times when it seems to appear for no reason like you said yours did, it will eventually fade at least.

      You need to really think about more than just noise tho. Have you been sick in the last while? Been using any different medications lately? Do you grind your teeth ever? Do you have any jaw issues? Used earbuds or headphones to listen to music often even at low levels? So many more things can trigger tinnitus than just noise however. Noise pretty much seems to be the main cause in most but others got it from various drug treatments etc.

      So really think about everything different in your life the last year or so. Been under a lot of stress lately? Any times that you may have hit your head even if you didn't bleed?

      Once you really think about everything including drugs, trauma, noise from headphones, injuries, jaw issues etc, I suggest you tell everything to your doctor. Would be wise to be referred to an ENT ( Ear Nose Throat ) specialist if this keeps up much longer.

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