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      First of all sorry if this is in the wrong subforum, if it is would a mod be so kind to move it.

      I'm writing this mostly for myself but maybe some of you fantastic people can give me some of your insights.

      My name is John and i live in Sweden. I've had a very mild tinnitus for as far as i can remember, only noticeable in bed or in the bathtub but two weeks ago, sunday may 29 after a few hours after i woke upp i noticed a weird sensation in my ears (or in my head). It's not exactly a sound, (atleast not tonal) it's more of a sharp pressure. I like most people do panicked and that night only got a few hours of sleep, that morning when i woke up it was still there "pushing". This lead to more panic. However, that follow night i actually got a whole night of sleep (presumably from the exhaustion) and the morning i woke up it was all gone. This was on Thursday the last day of may. In fact i even didn't go to the doctor which i had planed the evening before (she only has open reception in the early morning). But after a few hours the sensation came back. Back to full-blown panic-attacks. This repeated it self the following morning. For some reason, every morning after a goodnights sleep (which i get now and then) the tinnitus seems gone only to come back in a few hours.

      So a few days later i decided to pay a visit to my doctor. She was quite short and looked into my ears and stated that there is quite the wax buildup. She wanted me to use some wax softener and come back in three days for a cleaning. I was skeptical, the tinnitus (or pressure) was gone every morning so i had this hope that it would fix itself, i decided to play it casually and wait with the ear treatment and see if it fixed itself.

      It is now been two weeks and the pattern keeps repeating. This softener is something you should have in your ear channels for a couple of nights and i've already had it in for one night. The question for any of you experts is, do you think this is worth my time? Should i proceed with this normal treatment. I've read some horror storys on here on how cleaning the ear channels only make it worse and the best thing you can do is o keep a hands off policy.

      Also i would just like to say that after the intial week which was filled with panic i've sorta stabilized now. I lost about 5 kilos of weight on my 65 kilo figure and barley even ate. Also for anyone who suffers from panic attacks i would like to recommend this video:
      Stop Panic Attacks Naturally
      That video worked absolutely wonders. At the beginning it was so bad that i even puked because of my anxiety and now i haven't had a full blown attack since.

      Thank you all for reading and if you have anything to comment.


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