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Discussion in 'Support' started by David S, Mar 29, 2015.

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      This is how i do it. Do not know if I dare to recommend it. Personally i am quite sure that massive earwax had a lot to do to trigger my T in the first place. I never want to risk ear wax to build up again.

      Here is how i do:
      Every time after daily shower i use cotton buds/pins. Usually i go in 3/4 of the way to the ear drum but sometimes i go very very gently all the way in. I can clearly fell once i am against the eardrum. Dose not really hurt and i do very gently. I rotate the pin once i slowly push it in. And gain i do this really really slow and i am very focused. This way i managed to keep my ears clan for a year. Some times i feel that there is some soaked wax all the way in close to the drum. Then i just clean it out very easily with a water bubble. I never let it build up so i just have to blow the water gently one or two times. In the past i cloud do this for 10-20 times without getting it out. A lot of stress for the inner ear.

      Very important, you can not start to do this with out getting a proper clean out first. Otherwise you will only push all the existing wax all the way in the channel blocking your hearing.
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      Hello @David S . Oh wow that is quite the way of keeping them clean! You are much braver then me, but if it works it works then eh! ;) While I really appreciate the suggestion, I think I will just try and stick with baby oil before going to the ENT in a week and getting them cleaned by a pro.

      Thanks @Dr. Nagler , I will make sure to ask the ENT and post what his response is. When I talked with Glynnis last (I did email her as well so we shall see what she says) We talked about how to use baby oil to help soften the ear wax and have it come out that way - so I think that I will probably just stick with that method to help tie me over until next week.

      I am just trying to be a bit logical here and tell myself "Well your left ear is probably 90% plugged Kris, so of course your T is going to be louder - once the wax is removed then your T should simmer back down"

      May I ask in your opinion, when it comes to plugged ears and impacted ear wax, does escalated T usually in most cases simmer back down to its baseline level once the ear wax is removed from the ear?

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