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Discussion in 'Support' started by stophiss, Nov 8, 2016.

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      I know this is an international forum but its election day in America and I am aware that Brit's are watching from a far with both humor and skepticism like most Americans...and a little if not a lot of disgust as well.

      So for those political junkies out there a fundamental question. Which pres will make your tinnitus worse?

      Trump's hair is a bit of a distraction because it has a personality unto itself and may distract us from our tinnitus. When he speaks in soft tones and not calling others names he can have a soothing effect. Saturday night live calls it baby talk.

      Clinton however is hard to look at and when she speaks many describe it like nails down a chalkboard which is never good for tinnitus but may be a new like of sound enrichment for TRT.

      Then there will be the inevitable spectacle after the election. Clinton will likely get elected and repub's will chase Hillary for her email scandal and corrupt foundation which maybe stressful to watch and increase our tinnitus loudness.

      So which pres is better for our tinnitus? I mean, Trump is going to make America great again so that has to be net positive. ;) A Hillary Clinton administration will relive her husband's impeachment proceedings which won't be good for our T to watch that.

      I know one thing for sure. The most derisive campaign in American history has thankfully come to a conclusion. But has the rancor really been tabled? I think not. The country has never been so divided. Right down the middle.

      Whatdaya think?
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      I don't think the US president is gonna be much help with tinnitus. Just like they're not too useful with cancer or other health issues. They're always hung up on the military and economy.

      It's up to us & researchers to find the solutions!
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