Electric Shock in Ears?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Street Spirit, May 8, 2015.

    1. Alongside certain sounds. It hurts pretty bad and sometimes my face will go numb.

      I have neuralgia so I wonder is this H? or a new and sad development of my neuralgia.

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      I think what you have is neuropathic pains and H is one aspect of this array.
      Do you take Lyrica?
      I think if you ever get desparate enough, the procedure that Viking did is actually used mainly for pain syndromes, where they ablate certain area in the pain region of the brain.
      Thet only recently began to apply it to T...You shoul contact fthe University of Zurich, they have the words leading neuroexperts...If Keppra doest work that is.....
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    3. I don't have the money to do what viking did...but perhaps in the future.

      No I don't take Lyrica..haven't needed anything stronger but I am getting worse and yes I agree this started with neuralgia. and H is one aspect of this.

      Have to start looking into a stronger med I guess.
    4. Yea..I will be asking Neuro about Keppra next appointment.
    5. I did suffer an acoustic trauma a month ago. I wonder if that did it. It was an abusive situation. I only got worse from there. I have so many emotions running through me right now. I am trying to move on but it's very difficult.
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      We really cant afford to be abused....
    7. No..it was devastating to say the least..not only be abused emotionally but physically.

      Needless to say that person is and was at that moment out of my life. ( Not to get so personal here at TT) but people careful of your ears! If someone doesn't give a shit about your condition or wellness, dunp them no matter who they are.
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      Accustic tramma due being too close to a fire craker when I was a kid
      @Street Spirit

      I just read this thread, I'm SOOOOOO SOOOORRYYYYYY to hear of this new development in your life.

      Life can be so unfair at times...so unfair

      I hope that you find peace soon,

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