Electrical Shock to Left Eardrum

Discussion in 'Support' started by greenwave67, Jan 15, 2018.

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      Listening to a MP3 Recorder (with AC Current) on one side
      The Electrically Shock to the left Eardrum was a result of listening to a MP3 Recorder-Meditation Programs w/AC Current (not on Batteries) to one side only during my sleep for a total of 2-3 nights which caused this issue.

      Right afterwards, there was considerable pain (especially when chewing foods on the left side. There were also like Cloudy layer(s) going over the Eardrum as well.

      Now after 11 months, there is still minimal pain along with a reduced amount of the Cloudy layer(s) still over that Eardrum.

      Yes, this was a severe case of 'Electrical Shock' to the left Eardrum. I still cannot tell yet if there was a minimal quantity of Hearing Loss associated with it. I never got tested by an Audiologist. Opinions please?

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