Electrical Tools (Mainly Grinders on Steel) Caused an Increase in Tinnitus — Temporary?

Discussion in 'Support' started by toohp, May 9, 2019.

    1. toohp

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      operating loud machinery
      I just recently started doing some work in a mechanical workshop for several weeks and I've made a huge mistake. I've been using electrical tools, mainly grinders, on steel wearing hearing protection and now my tinnitus is at a all time crazy level and I'm struggling.

      I'm about 2 years into my tinnitus and had started to adjust to it somewhat but now made this huge mistake.

      Sleep is real bad now, only managing a couple of ok hours a night.

      Do you think this could be a temporary spike or have I done more damage?

      What was I thinking to take on this type of work!
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    2. HiDezGuy74

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      Sept 2018
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      Acoustic Trauma - metal grinder tool
      @toohp By hearing protection, do you mean earplugs or actual earmuffs over your ears? I was wearing earplugs when I used a metal grinder to cut corrugated metal and that's how I ended up with T. If you're just using earplugs, I don't think that's enough. If I were you, I'd double up with both plugs in the ears AND earmuffs over that.
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      acoustic trauma?
      Why? If you have tinnitus, maybe it's better to get a quieter job if you can still work?

      OP, it's not worth it to do loud work. Imho.

      I hope it's a temporary spike. Give your ears some rest and avoid loud noise such as that.

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