EMF/Smart Meter Pulse Damage

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      Tinnitus Since:
      September 2019
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Passing by Smart Meter pulse at close proximity-head level.
      I came to the forum after a search of EMF's and Tinnitus.
      This September 2019 I did some gardening for a lady, walking in and out a backyard gate.
      I felt some kind of stress or pressure to my head and noticed a Smart Meter installed at head level on the outside garage wall. The next door neighbor had one at the same level, creating sort of an EMF pulsing gauntlet. Some of them pulse thousands of times a day. I had only about 3-5 ft. from the left ear, on the garage installation.
      I had to pass back and forth to carry bark dust, etc.

      At home that evening, I noticed a high pitched ringing in my left ear, kind of like water leaking or running. Pretty alarming. It is now a constant companion, but away from computer banks like at the Library, etc. it is quieter.
      Two days later I woke up and had some blood in that left ear. An EMF Academy website recommends staying 30 ft. From Smart Meters. That isn't possible with multidirectional pulsing and installations such as I came in contact with.
      It makes sense that if the delicate ear parts get microwaved, the damage to the hearing may be permanent.

      I think we all are being microwaved by the soup of Smart Meters and now this Monster 5 G.
      Those with Lyme like I have are often EHS. (Electrohypersensitive.) people also become EHS by exposure to EMF's.

      EMRAdiation is now admitted by the truth-suppressing WHO as causing Cancer, Heart problems, Myopia, etc. after a 25 million dollar NIH study. In 2011 WHO only admitted 'possible carcinogen' effects of non-ionizing radiation.

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