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Discussion in 'Support' started by Bill W., Oct 23, 2015.

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      This is my second post. I was given some insite last night from two of this forum's members, whom I thank. I am pretty sure I have Tinnitus from all that I've read and am thinking the Pulsatile type but of course one should never try to self diagnose. I found out today I won't be able to see this ENT Dr until after the new year unless a cancellation should happen. Other than me going nuts with this annoyance in my head will this length of time make any difference or make things worse?
      Also one of the members that was trying to help me last night suggested that maybe my Eustachian Tubes were
      clogged. My GP looked in my ear (it's only the left) and told me it was clear of wax, but with the scope he was using I wonder if he could see down into that tube? Also I should maybe mention I seem to be pretty much totally deaf in that ear now. Any advice would be appreciated.
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      I just read your first post. If it is the case that your hearing was basically okay and in the space of a day or so you are almost deaf in one ear, I would encourage you to call the ENT office tomorrow and explain this sudden change. If it is sudden, I would be insistent.

      To answer your question in the above post, the doctor cannot see your Eustachian Tube from your ear. With a little numbing, he or she can see some of it from your nose, but even that won't get the whole thing (I think).
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      You are correct Aaron. My concern Bill, is that your GP didn't refer you on there and then. Is he waiting until you are completely deaf?

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