Episode 21: Can Sound Silence Tinnitus?

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      Old timers in this community may remember @Steve. Not only was he one of the first members of Tinnitus Talk, he is also @Hazel's predecessor as Director of Tinnitus Hub. These days, Steve spends most of his time on music and audio production. This includes a wide array of experiments on using sound for tinnitus relief.

      Hazel and Steve go through all the different types of sound treatments like acoustic neuromodulation, amplitude modulation, notched music, and more. We discuss the mechanisms and evidence, and most importantly share tips for how to try these methods without spending money.


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      This episode was produced by @Markku and @Hazel, with the transcript created by @Hazel as well. We also want to thank the following Tinnitus Talk members who submitted audio clips about their sound therapy experiences: @Jack Straw, @Christiaan, and @Sentinel – you all made it into the show! Do you want to take part in creating the podcast? Let us know.

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