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      Not sure , but it just came back
      T started in 1987 and seemed to disappear after time...But it is back
      I really don't know what happened. I had 30 years of peace . Always knew T was there but just started up again and I am spending too much time with it. I also have depression and thought it was a change in medications that caused this but when I stopped, it was still there. I do have constant negative pressure in the left ear. Found this out( but always knew) with at test when there were evaluated for. They wanted me to start the Neuronomics program which is a listening MP3 player with programed noise but it is $5,000. NOT SOLD since the Audiologist said I had bad negative pressure in the left ear and needed to see my doctor first. I also have TMJ but feel I developed that trying to constantly opening my ear when it always felt stuffy

      My ENT thinks putting a tube in( he said no guarantees but will relieve negative pressure and may lessen the noise. WE will see. Anyone else have a similar story. I know it probably never went away and I learned to habitulize it. I am going to try that again .

      The worst for me is when I am tired in afternoon and lay down it g gets loud till I get up. Does not happen at night thank GOD but I do take a few glasses of wine( which helps me) and Klonopin which I have always s taken for Depression and anxiety
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      Did u get the tubes? How are you doing?

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