ETD, hearing self swallow, tinnitus.

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by Maithe Marshall, May 5, 2014.

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    1. Maithe Marshall

      Maithe Marshall Member

      New Mexico
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      Last week.
      All my ear issues began in February (17th) I remember the day still.

      My ear issues began after a flight. My first sign before I had t, was a thumping sensation in my ear it never followed a heart beat or anything it would be like thump thump thump......stop....

      I went to the er thinking I had a ear infection and the dr said he saw inflation and never prescribed me a antibitoc. Wanted me to see some ENT ( who was horrible small town my husband in the Air Force were out in the middle of nowhere)

      It still never stopped the ENT said "allergies" but he saw "nothing" second time I felt pain and thumping again went back to the er and they saw fluid. Still no antibiotic. I ignored it for a few days thinking it was just some fluid...
      I woke up randomly to ringing ears quickly I rushed to the hospital so confused they said it seemed like I had ETD I remember having so much pressure in my ears that would come and go.

      They saw nothing, back to ENT nothing...he prescribed me predisone thinkin it would help. It never did. After about a week and a half of pressure/pain and ringing I went to a urgent care where the dr said he saw that both my ears were infected. I got a antibioctic finally! Had a allergic reaction to the antibitoc and had to go BACK to hospital where the dr said she saw pus and fluid. Gave me my new antibitoic. The ringing came down a bit but it's still there...

      The drs think I have ETD and I traveled to DC to be with family was seen at Johns Hopkins where my new ENT told me he could see where I had a infection in my ears, he didn't see fluid this time but I had "glue like" fluid in my e-tube most likely. I can hear myself swallow makes a loud pop in both ears, I still get that thumping sensation ( do you know what that could be?)
      When I had it last I actually had my 2nd small ear infection I went to the dr 3 weeks ago I was super sick had ear aches.

      Why would ETD "cause" ringing? Could it go away? How did this so randomly start. I've never had ear issues my whole life until now. Im afraid that I can never fly again.

      I know you can't diagnose me but any idea or advice of what you think this could be would be nice!

      I still have t it's always changing ( is that normal?) I have ear pain still along with not being able to "pop" them all the time and time to time I have pressure and the brief thumping sound.

      I also hear a sound in my right ear whenever I open my mouth it's hard to describe.sounds like the wind kind of and I feel it to.

      Another question I've had this happen twice to me where my ear has a strange sound and vibrating feeling in it it last about 10 seconds and it goes away. Feels like something in my ear at times ( any idea)?
    2. Dr. Nagler

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      Hi @Maithe Marshall -

      Thanks for your inquiry. I am flattered that you would seek my opinion about an issue of such obvious importance to you.

      The problem is that while I think I know a good bit about the neurophysiology of tinnitus, I really do not know much at all about Eustachian tube dysfunction. Most of your questions would be best directed to an otologist.

      In terms of whether or not it is "normal" for tinnitus to change frequently, it is certainly not uncommon. As to why it might happen, that's anybody's guess.

      Regarding the fleeting sounds and vibrations you have experienced, it might be related to the increased sensitivity to all head and neck phenomena that is frequently seen in patients with intrusive tinnitus. In other words, it might have been going on for years but has just slipped under your radar. Again, just a guess.

      I fully realize that my responses are likely far less than you had hoped for, but your questions are largely above my pay grade.

      My best advice would be to return for follow-up to your Johns Hopkins ENT, and if he cannot answer your questions to your satisfaction, ask him for a referral to somebody who specializes in ETD and the like.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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