ETD Issues? My Symptoms Are Triggered by Me Talking or Moving

Discussion in 'Support' started by chart, May 19, 2020.

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      Hey everyone.

      I was hoping could share if they have similar issues.

      About two weeks ago before bed I turned my head and there was wind/whoosh sound in my ear. I figured it was fluid and didn’t think much of it. Then as the week went on it happened during the day and many more times.

      What is strange about it, is that it’s triggered by me talking or moving. If I’m just sitting still hanging out it doesn’t really happen. As soon as I talk and finish my sentence or word whoosh there it is. It’s driving me insane. I took a prednisone pack from my ENT which he thought would fix it and it didn’t. I went to another one four days later and he said I have negative ear pressure in my ears and a little Eustachian tube dysfunction. He was in a rush and blew me off and just said it’ll go away. It hasn’t at all. I’m really anxious about it and it’s ruining my days.

      It sounds like a someone tapping a microphone, but again when I finish talking?

      Does anyone have a clue what this could be? Thank you.

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