Eustachian Tube Dysfunction or Vestibular Disorder?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kaelon, Dec 23, 2014.

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      As I continue my journey into Tinnitus, I've got a few questions and I'm hoping some of you might have some thoughts as to how to proceed.

      Some background: For the past seven weeks (the same duration that I've had tinnitus), I have felt a persistent "fullness" in my ears -- a trait that I know many of us tinnitus sufferers experience. (The fullness, like the T, applies to both ears.) I have some light hearing loss at the high ranges.

      However, in my case, my tinnitus appears to be relieved if I am able to force-pop my ears. Usually, in the past, this would be relieved just by yawning. But now, when I try to yawn, I get a lighter, softer pop -- but no relief from the pressure. I've generally suspected that this means that I have some sort of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, especially because of the following:
      1. Treatment with a Neti Pot using @engineerLA's method generally provides relief for 12-18 hours by significantly lowering the volume of the T.

      2. If I'm having a hyperacusis-related T-spike, yawning is able to end the spike and restore the normal T baseline high pitched buzz (without the screeching static that usually accompanies the T-spike).

      3. Usual rules of T-sufferers appear to apply to me: getting plenty of sleep and being hydrated lowers the T's volume. However, I find that when I get a particularly high quality of sleep, I awaken in total silence. It's only when I start sitting up that the T starts setting in.

      4. If I shift my lower jaw to the left, in the direction of my left ear, I significantly lower the volume of the T in that ear. Same for the right.
      All of this, at least in my mind, is pointing to some sort of ETD or Vestibular Disorder. So, my questions:
      1. How can I get this properly diagnosed? My ENT checked out my Eustachian Tubes just by "looking" in my nose, but there was no camera, and aside from a basic audiology test, I had no extensive testing done. Are there specific tests that I should request?

      2. Assuming this is typical ETD, what sort of remedies can I try to see if this resolves? Most ETD is known to resolve in a week or two, but this seems to have been enduring far beyond that time threshold.

      3. Has anyone experienced this fullness of the ears and Tinnitus that is relieved when you manage to actually pop the ears? We're talking a few seconds of relief, max, with a definite lowering of the volume. Not really silence -- that really only comes to me when I wake up in the mornings after a particularly restful sleep.
      Thanks for your help!
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      do you smoking ?
      I have some symptoms same as yours

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