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      I am new here and writing a diary and help volume about my 15 months with moderate to severe Tinnitus. I have a research background but as you know this is one complex and individually challenging condition. My quick tip for today is about hissing sounds that come on after the weather changes. As you have noticed our ears are mini barometers and dramatic weather changes can start an attack. The Eustachian tube must be able to compensate for the change in barometric pressure or noise, usually hissing, will result in one or both sides. I have found relief from this aspect by putting one or two drops of the CVS over the counter nasal spray (Original 12 hour version) on a q tip and placing it gently in the affected ear. In 10-15 minutes (do not lay down) it will open the tube and the hissing will stop!!
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      How far do you insert the q-tip into the ear?
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      I have ringing/hissing in my left ear. When I open my eustacian tube I hear nothing but crackling and popping is that this due to allergy to or cold? Doc said there's fluid in my middle ear
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      You can also do the netti cup flush routine . I do it in the shower as the steam helps. My T is connected to a dis function in my Eustachian tube I am certain we'll almost we are talking about T. Thanks for the tip I will try it.

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