Every Loud Noise Causes a Spike, Is It Because of Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by butterfly75, Nov 1, 2017.

    1. butterfly75
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      Loud music
      Every loud noise almost always causes a spike for me. Is it because I have hyperacusis?

      If my hyperacusis goes away, will I be able to be around average loud noises that everyone else is exposed to without earplugs and not experience an increase in my tinnitus?
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    2. Raphael7713

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      Not sure
      I have the opposit. Noise has never ever spiked up or made my T worse...it just goes and comes by itself lol.

      Maybe give your system a rest from noise for a while, let it heal itself.
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    3. Paul13

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      butterfly75, I experience a sudden hum sound, a low frequency sound around 69kh, each time after I'm exposed to some kind of mild/loud sound. Is this the kind of spike of tinnitus you're referring? If yes you're not alone...usually the 'hum' I have from exposure to sound doesn't last really long but fades away in minutes.

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