Experiencing Pulsatile Tinnitus for Almost 4 Years

Discussion in 'Support' started by Armanda raymond, Mar 12, 2018.

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      June17 2017
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      Hi my name is Armanda,

      I have been experiencing Pulsatile tinnitus for almost 4 years. It has completely destroyed my life. The sound is so loud that it keeps me from sleeping and following a conversation without feeling stupid because I’m trying to focus so hard. It has severely affected the relationships in my life because I feel like no one understands me and I feel sad because people are annoyed with me because I forget everything now and I’m crabby because I have lack of sleep.

      This all started after a car accident in which I sustained a whiplash injury. I have had the million dollar work up but no explanation has been found. My personal belief is that there is a pinched blood vessel somewhere in my neck . Anyone here with a similar experience. I’d love to hear!
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      Acoustic trauma (go-kart racing)
      4 years and no relief. That is just pure evilness. I heard pulsatile tinnitus one night. I Hope you will get better
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      muscular neck issues
      If it is a pinched blood vessel, you should be able to modulate your tinnitus by moving your neck around. It is pretty easy to understand - the pression on your vessel should vary when you stretch. If not, it is probably something other / located somewhere else.

      Forget hoping for other people's empathy and you will fill better ;) From experience, that's not happening. When people are annoyed, just tell them that you are also annoyed that they have no IQ capacity to intellectually understand your medical issues - not even talking about being empathetic. You should quickly see who are your true friends - and about others ... they probably don't like you so much.
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      Procedures to address eustachian tube dysfunction
      I'm 6 weeks into mine, but it's manageable, nothing like you have. I wish you good luck as you try to find answers.
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      So sorry that your PT is still causing you so much distress. Do not give up in trying to find a cure. If possible take your scans to other specialists. If you haven't already check out Whooshers.com.There are some success stories of PT sufferers who were able to get help after years of trying. Good Luck with things.

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