Far Away Tinnitus Sound Becomes Louder in Dark

Discussion in 'Support' started by volsung37, May 11, 2016.

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      I am often lying in bed during the afternoon and evening and my tinnitus sounds quite mild and far away like outside my body. As it becomes darker and quieter the t seems to surround my head and become louder. Anyone elese experience this? I would add that my t can sound quite loud during the day when I'm at work etc.
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      There is a few theories I have, both could be wrong, or may be partially right. Ambient noise can mask some of the ringing so you don't hear it as loud. As it gets quieter there is less ambient noise to mask it. That is why when people who say they do not have tinnitus, go into a Anechoic chamber, many report hearing some ringing in their ears. The second theory I have is that while you are laying in the dark, your body is probably starting to produce melatonin from the pineal gland which may have an effect on your tinnitus. A way of testing this, is taking a small amount of melatonin maybe between .5 mg to 1 mg or and see if it has an effect on your T. Finally, when you lay in bed and its quiet, you listen to it and concentrate on it more and it comes to the forefront of you mind thus making it seem louder as your brain concentrates on it.
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