First ENT Visit and Need Advice

Discussion in 'Support' started by Stephanie72, Apr 25, 2018.

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      Hi all. I wanted to share my experience at my ENT visit today and ask for advice. I started hearing the tinnitus a little over a week ago. Thought it may be induced by my TMJ which is usually mild but I popped my jaw while yawning and have been under a ton of stress so I know I’d been clenching. So the hearing test was normal. Just very mild loss at very high frequency which she said was consistent with my age (46). I mentioned the TMJ to the doctor. He says it’s totally not related to that. That my ears are normal and perfectly fine. I also took Ponstel for horrible ovarian cyst pain right around this time too. For 5/6 days and didn’t even take the full recommended dose. He says it could be due to that but he couldn’t be sure and he even doubted it because it would be pretty rare for that to happen with this drug. So of course he tells me it will probably just fade away in a few weeks if I loose the stress/anxiety. And if it doesn’t to get a sound machine and surround myself with noise until it no longer bothers me. And that he’s had tinnitus for decades and doesn’t even notice anymore. I felt a little dismissed but I have a huge copay and can’t really afford to run around to a bunch of different docs. I’m already paying off a $5,000 surgery to remove an ovarian cyst from last December. Healthcare in the US is the pits.

      So, I’m not sure if stress/anxiety caused this (I was also on progesterone at the time to start a cycle and it was making me very moody/anxious) or if it was the Ponstel. Now that I think back I may have even had a little of this from time to time but didn’t pay it attention and it went away. I’m trying to remain calm as when I am the t is much, much lower.

      Any advice? Should I be taking any supplements for ear health just in case the med contributed to this? Also, what can you take for a headache/neck ache now? I have a massive one and I’m scared to touch ibuprofen. Any help would be appreciated!
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      Tinnitus Since:
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      Dental Handpiece's (air driven turbine drills) repair of
      Stephanie, you might ask your Dentist about an upper mouth guard that you can wear at night over your teeth to help with clinching. If you bend your head down when you clinch, a soft neck collar also can help. I know because I wear both at night.
      I hope this may help.
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