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      Newbie post here. I've had T since 25th/Jan/2011. Two weeks prior I had used a angle grinder in garage for 5hours without ear protection. Silly, I know as I bought some. For two weeks I heard little to nothing, some ringing directly afterwards and went into in an enclosed space painting some metal for a week or so and on the 25th I woke up with it started real loud. I figured it was paint fumes or something from the Greek enamel I got epay.

      When it started I could play around with me ears, moving inners by rubbing and popping by blowing through nose and it would change frequency. Repeat until fequency so high it felt more like a tickle and less like a sound.

      6months waiting for ENT, doctor says hearing test almost normal and very good for my age. So I come back saying well actually I've always had very senstive ears so your test does not prove anything since you never tested me before I had T to notice any difference. Went on to say he seriously doubted 5hours power tool use would give me T that I was complaining about. Refered me to a lady who took me through 100+ questions and basically said it was stress or something to do with losing my job and having low self esteem. Suggested music, which I already had bought tracks.

      I took some amitriptyline to help me sleep, some before refer above job comment. Until last weekend it was almost gone (some 2+years), well every morning it was present loud and clear but then would not for the most part be noticable in the day.

      Last weekend I replaced a fuse in my router tool, powered cycled it on sunday for like 10Seconds with no ear protection, it was like 1metre away from me, sounded loud but nothing terrible. You know what I'm gonna say, it's back with a vengeance, and so I find myself enrolling on this forum.

      I see the posts about diet; hey I get my 5day, veggie since 1997'ish. Stopped eating fish in 2010'ish.


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