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      I'm not really sure this counts as a success story, but at least, a mini-success for me. This week I went to the dentist and flew for the first time since developing T. I was worried about both these things, and they both ended up being fine. I remember flying being really uncomfortable the first time I perforated an eardrum, long before I realized T existed. My ears would make horrible popping noises throughout the whole take-off and landing, and I was worried that would be the case now. But they only popped a little bit when taking off. I sat near the front of the plane, I put earplugs in for take-off and landing. And I didn't even get a spike from the plane or the dentist.

      I don't know if I can say I'm fully habituated yet at just over 3 months. There are days when it bothers me more or I'm more aware of it. But I'm at least getting back to living my life mostly the way I did before and just thinking "okay I have to go to the dentist today (or whatever) and it might cause a temporary spike, but I will do it and I will be okay."
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