Fluctuating Hearing Loss and Fullness After Acoustic Trauma

Discussion in 'Support' started by John Joseph, Jun 18, 2022.

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      Did anyone else experience obvious fluctuations in their hearing loss post acoustic trauma? Mine was just over a month ago so I'm still mostly in the acute stage. Tinnitus fluctuates too, but that seems very common.

      To me, it seems like the fullness and the hearing loss are very connected in their fluctuations. They are almost always paired together and in my case, it is commonly noticeably worse in one ear at a a time. Some days, I'll wake up and my hearing is muffled in my left ear combined with the fullness. The next day, it can shift over to my right and my left will seem better.

      It's mind boggling and I can't figure it out. Is this atypical for acoustic trauma induced hearing loss? It makes me think there is an ongoing process going playing out inside my inner ear/middle ear that hasn't fully settled in yet. It also makes me think hearing issues are still insanely poorly understood as a whole as it doesn't really jive with the typical understanding of hearing loss being static/permanent after a short period of time.
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