Fluid in the Ear Since Tinnitus Started Years Ago

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rafaa, May 23, 2019.

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      Who knows? I have Patulous ET and ETD + Other things
      I can pop my ears extremely easily. Why? Because I have Patulous Eustachian Tube openings. Right ear less patulous than my left.

      However I don't get autophony, I get eustachian tube flexing when I speak. Also the air from burps etc can be heard within my ears.

      So why is it that I get fluid trapped in my right ear when it's semi patulous...

      Just wanted to ask if any knowledgeable people here know if a lot of fluid can be produced by the middle ear so it's getting trapped on the way down or is it mucosal reflux due to the patulous tubes?

      My left ear is more patulous, it feels wet at times but is never blocked. My right ear gets blocked multiple times a week where I can hear the fluid sloshing about when bending over and back up, pulsatile tinnitus activates. This drains out pretty easily, but can't be good for my hearing loss and tinnitus. There is a surgery to fill the tube opening, my fear is that my ears produce too much fluid so closing them to a normal state will block them more. But is that a thing?

      When people talk about allergies causing fluid in the ear, is that from blocking the tube opening or increasing middle ear secretions?

      Although my right ear has symptoms of ETD, I never feel bad ear pressure. In fact I can open the tubes and blow air into them just by flexing a muscle. That's why the fact that they get blocked with mucus is driving me mad. It's one thing having to use masking to sleep and not keep my ear to the pillow for my double sided tinnitus so I won't hear it. It's another thing to not want to sleep on my side in fear of mucosal reflux going up my tubes.

      I've used nasal steroid spray over the last year for a couple of months. I've used it on and off recently and it does help the fluid come out more easily. Hasn't done anything to cure the problem.

      Would appreciate some knowledge or experience sharing from other members.

      Is it normal to have a little fluid in the ears that can be heard when bending over, or a little wet feeling around the tubes and middle ear?
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      Headphone usage
      Hi rafaa, I've been dealing with the same fluid noise thing everytime I bend over, or move my ear. Has your symptoms went away? mine seems to come and go, but it's been very bad these past couple of days.

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