Flying & Otitis Media with Effusion

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      Hi all,

      I've had tinnitus for 12 years now and have dealt with it quite okay for most the time. What I am worried about is an upcoming flight. Back on 31 July 2014, that was my last time I flew anywhere. It was a short 40 minute flight, and I touched down that night around 9.30pm. Was asleep for 11pm in my hotel and woke the next morning at 6am to significantly increased Tinnitus, ear fullness feeling, etc..

      I had around 4-5 weeks trouble with that, and it finally went back to normal, but with an increased level of Tinnitus that has remained.

      Anyway, I have a flight next Monday (2 March) and I'm dreading the same problem happening again.

      Has anyone ever had a problem similar to what I described above? If so, did it happen again in any later flights you might have taken?

      I'll be making sure I'm prepared before the flight with steam, 24 hours of decongestants, and similar stuff.


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