Following Acoustic Trauma My Damaged Ear Is Popping Constantly

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      Hello Dr. Nagler,

      I've had a acute acoustic trauma 4 months ago. I was on concert and someone shouted really loudly into my ear. I've had big hearing loss and tinnitus. (I've put audigram in the attachment)

      1 Year ago I developed an ear infection on both ears due to an ear wax and see water. I've received antibiotics. My ears hurt really bad, but eventually It got better. I haven't developed any hearing loss, but I believe that this was a reason that made my ears so vulnerable.

      My question.

      Whenever I blow my nose or if I performed Valsalva maneuver, my damaged right ear pops loudly. Similar to balloon pop. Undamaged ear does n0t pop.

      Dr. Nagler, do you perhaps know what is going on ? I can't really see the correlation between damaged inner ear with ear popping. Is there something else that can be done ?

      Thank you for your time,


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      Sorry, Luka. I don't. Wish I could help.

      My suggestion would be for you to check with an otologist (or neurotologist). I have no formal training in that field.

      All the best -

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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