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Discussion in 'Support' started by PatrickGunther, Nov 23, 2015.

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      Loud music (so I'm told)
      Every now and then I come across an internet add proclaiming a cure for tinnitus. As you all know it’s very difficult to ignore anything saying a cure is available.

      How many of us have spent money on such cures? When that carrot is dangled in front of you promising sweet silence how do you say no?

      ENT’s and specialists will say they don’t know what causes tinnitus and that there’s no fixing it, as can be attested by this support group, so do we automatically dismiss these internet cures?

      Do we try them all hoping? If we stop trying will there ever be a cure?

      I would love to know how many of us have grabbed for that carrot. Am I the only fool?
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      You're not the only one. We all want to wake up one day and hear that there really is a cure for T. That day will come, hopefully soon.

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