Four Years Ago...

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      I was in a car accident, the airbags made such a horrible noise that my ears rang for quite a while after that.

      Only to find out my ears never recovered, my ears have been having their own little concert till this day.

      I think I'm lucky because it isn't jet engine tinnitus like some people have. I have multiple different noises which make sleeping and concentration somewhat hard.

      Ambient noise has been very important without it I think I wouldn't be here today.

      My girlfriend has supported me through all these years for which I'm very grateful to her. Don't think she will be reading this but if she happened to, thank you Mia.
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      Bad luck and bad genes
      The more I read about airbags the more I am scared of them. And apparently in my car I have six of these ticking timebombs all around my head just waiting for me to bump something and boom, I don't think I'd ever be able to recover from that.

      I've read: "Inflating car airbags can reach a noise level of 178 decibals. "
      Imagine what damage that can do even to a healthy ear.

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