Gone for 10 Days and Suddenly Back

Discussion in 'Support' started by Michael Jack, Mar 16, 2016.

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      Really frustrated.

      My tinnitus started in my right ear only around five or six weeks ago. ENT could not find anything wrong. Hearing test up to 8000 Hz was fine and it did not go any higher.

      As I have OCD and constantly monitor my T to check the volume, I was surprised to find that it was totally gone about 12 days ago. I checked it numerous times in quiet environments. I even plugged my ears and it was truly gone!

      For the past 12 days, I checked it every single day. For whatever reason, two days ago it suddenly came back :(

      During the 10 days that it was gone, I was not once exposed to any loud sounds. I did not take any medication. I do have some nasal congestion now on the side of my face with T, but that it is it.

      I am so down right now. Could monitoring for and listening for my T cause my brain to bring it back?
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      not known, too many possible causes
      It is not impossible, but only if your T was very tiny, IMO. Only in this case your brain could have sent it in the background so fast and you could have brought it in the center of your awareness by your constant monitoring. But in this case, if the T is so tiny, it can be pushed back on the bottom of your brain's list of interests.
      The re-emergence could be due to what is also the cause of your congestion. Stuffed nose means no proper airing of the middle ear, so you T may come from there.

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