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Discussion in 'Support' started by josh77, Apr 17, 2016.

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      Hey Guys,

      I'm finally ready to go to an ENT as I feel things may be getting worse. I realize there is not much that can be done for noise induced tinnitus but I would like to rule out things like ear wax build up and infection. Hoping to find an ENT that understands that Tinnitus is serious and every case is different.

      I'm willing to drive far for a good ENT if needed but would like to fine one in the Agoura Hills, Westlake Village or Thousand oaks area.
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      Ear infection
      Dr Rehm. He is excellent. I have gone to 3 ENT's though and none do very much for T. Dr. Rehm will do what you said and rule out things like ear wax buildup and infection but not ONE ENT has really taken T seriously. They take the underlying cause seriously. I live in El Segundo and had a similar situation to what you are describing. Are you on any drops because the first round of drops before the T could have made mine worse.

      If you have had T since 7/4 however I would highly recommend Dr. Marghzar at the hearing doctor. He has T himself and has spent years and years studying it.

      I also went to the Ear House Clinic in LA. Great but again...they don't have a lot of sympathy for T but they were great at looking at the underlying cause. Supposedly a regular old outer ear infection started mine 11 weeks ago.
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      As quoted by a supposed Otolarynologist in Newcastle Australia in a 2010 edition of the Law Society Journal.

      "Because severe tinnitus is very rare and only likely
      to occur in those who are already psychologically
      , the issue of compensation is a
      questionable one", argues DR SYLVESTER FERNANDES.

      This is what we are up against when it comes to medical help.
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      I didn't use any drops. When it started to get really bad I went to an urgent care. They wanted to inject some type of steroid. In doing my research prior to the visit, I felt this offered little hope as I had already had it for 4 months. I did get a prescription for klonopin (.5 mg before bed) which allowed me to sleep and get back on a somewhat normal schedule.

      Thank you very much for the referrals!
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      I've been going to the House Of Ear Clinic since my T started about 14 years ago. They are considered to be a world class facility for all ear/hearing issues. They won't cure your T but if you want to rule out other possible conditions I can't think of any better. Plus all the doctors are neurotologists. The only negatives are the location and than they never seem to do any clinical trials for T.

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